My name is Ryan and I own and operate Ryan Tobin Photography in the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Over the past sixteen years I have photographed a diverse variety of subjects and continuously find myself acquiring new techniques to better serve my creative eye.

In 2004 I graduated from Holland College with a Diploma in Photography and soon after, relocated to Halifax. In June of 2009 I was given an incredible opportunity to start my own photography business and I’m proud to say I took it.

Over the years, my background in photography has expanded to many different areas. I have produced images for promotional purposes such as business and environmental portraits, corporate events, interiors and exteriors, product shots, as well as an assortment of personalized images such as individual and family portraits, engagement sessions, and weddings.

In addition to photography, music has always been a great passion of mine. I am an avid music collector, I’ve been a drummer for a little bit longer than I’ve been a photographer, and going to see live music has always been an enjoyable obsession for me.

  • Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Phone: 902.818.0102

    Email: ryan@ryantobinphotography.com


    Specializing In:

    Business & Environmental Portrait Photography, Corporate Event Photography, Interior & Exterior Photography, Product Photography, Individual & Family Portrait Photography.